University of Arkansas

Topology Seminar Fall 2020

The seminar meets on Thursdays, at 9:00 AM on Zoom. Expository, educational and research talks are welcomed! Currently we have the following schedule. The titles link to abstracts. Other topology minded events are noted. For more information, questions or a link to the seminar, contact Matt Clay.

Date and Time Speaker Title
8/27 No Seminar: Organizational Meeting
9/3 No Seminar
9/10 No Seminar
9/17 Chris Cashen (Vienna) On the hyperbolicity of one-relator groups with high imprimitivity rank (video)
9/25 No Seminar
10/1 : 3:30 PM Asaf Hadari (Hawaii) Mapping class groups in genus at least 3 do not virtually surject to the integers (video)
10/8 Matthew Clay McMullen's approach to minimal volume entropy of graphs (video)
10/15 Matthew Clay Minimal volume entropy of free-by-cyclic groups and two-dimensional right angled Artin groups (video)
10/22 Sumeyra Sakalli Exotic 4–manifold constructions via pencils of complex curves and surgeries (video)
10/29 No Seminar
11/5 : 3:30 PM Michael Shumate The topology of neural networks (video) **NOTE** Fall Redbud Topology Conference 11/8 hosted by OU
11/12 Trevor Nakamura Cohomology of the symmetric group with twisted coefficients
11/19 Nima Hoda (ENS) Hierarchical hyperbolicity, coarse Helly spaces and the strong shortcut property (video)
11/26 No Seminar: Thanksgiving Holiday
12/3 Derrick Wigglesworth Algorithmic detection of geometric automorphisms of free groups (video)
12/10 No Seminar

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