University of Arkansas

Topology Seminar Spring 2017

The seminar meets on Thursdays, at 9:00 AM in SCEN 322. Expository, educational and research talks are welcomed! Currently we have the following schedule. The titles link to abstracts. Other topology minded events are noted. For more information or questions contact Matt Clay.

Date and Time Speaker Title
1/19 Yo'av Rieck The Perron−Froebenius theorem
1/26 Matt Clay The Ruelle operator
2/2 Kristen Pueschel Dehn functions for mapping tori of small-generator RAAGs
2/9 No Seminar
2/16 Ignat Soroko (OU) Uncountably many quasi-isometry classes of groups of type FP
2/23 Leah Childers (PSU) The automorphism group of the hyperelliptic Torelli group
3/2 Edmund Harriss The geometry of cubic continued fractions
3/9 No Seminar: Spring Lecture Series 3/9-11 at UArk
3/16 Samuel Lisi (Ole Miss) A computation of symplectic homology
3/23 No Seminar: Spring Break
3/30 Tim Susse (Nebraska) Hierarchical hyperbolicity for cube complexes
4/6 No Seminar
4/13 No Seminar
4/20 Neil Fullarton (Rice) Top-dimensional cohomology in the mapping class group
4/27 No Seminar: Spring Redbud Geometry/Topology Conference 4/27-29 at UArk
5/4 No Seminar

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