University of Arkansas

Topology Seminar Spring 2019

The seminar meets on Thursdays, at 12:30 PM in SCEN 322. Expository, educational and research talks are welcomed! Currently we have the following schedule. The titles link to abstracts. Other topology minded events are noted. For more information or questions contact Matt Clay.

Date and Time Speaker Title
1/17 Nick Castro Bridge trisections of knotted surfaces in 4-manifolds
1/24 Koji Fujiwara Constructing group actions on quasi-trees (Invited Lecture 6.12 Rio ICM2018)
1/31 Alexander Lubotzky High dimensional expanders (Plenary Lecture 13 Rio ICM2018)
2/7 Yo'av Rieck Gromov's topological overlap theorem
2/14 No Seminar
2/21 David Gay (Georgia) Trisection-inspired reflections on the combinatorics of curves on surfaces **NOTE** Colloquium at 3:30 PM
2/28 Derrick Wigglesworth Relative hyperbolicity of free-by-cyclic groups
3/7 Matthew Clay Atoroidal dynamics of subgroups of Out(FN)
3/14 Minh Nguyen Clifford bundles, spin structures and Dirac operators
3/21 No Seminar: Spring Break
3/28 Jean-Pierre Mutanguha Residual finiteness of mapping tori of free groups
4/4 Robert Lipshitz & Sucharit Sarkar Spatial refinements and Khovanov homology (Invited Lecture 6.11 Rio ICM2018)
4/11 Neil Hoffman (OSU) Symmetries and hidden symmetries of knots obtained by high parameter surgeries on fully augmented links
4/18 No Seminar: Spring Lecture Series 4/18-20 at UArk
4/25 Mike Miller (UCLA) Equivariant instanton cohomology and group cohomology **NOTE** Spring Redbud Topology Conference 4/26-28 at OU
5/2: 8:30 AM Redbud Recap

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