University of Arkansas

Topology Seminar Fall 2017

The seminar meets on Thursdays, at 9:00 AM in SCEN 322. Expository, educational and research talks are welcomed! Currently we have the following schedule. The titles link to abstracts. Other topology minded events are noted. For more information or questions contact Matt Clay.

Date and Time Speaker Title
8/24 No Seminar
8/31 Jeremy Van Horn-Morris Extracting information from Heegaard Floer homology
9/7 Chaim Goodman-Strauss Every one-ended hyperbolic group admits a strongly aperiodic subshift of finite type
9/8: 4:00 PM Nur Saglam (Minnesota) New exotic 4–manifolds via Luttinger surgery on Lefschetz fibrations
9/14 Yo'av Rieck Embeddability of 2– and 3–complexes in ℝ3 is NP-hard
9/21 No Seminar
9/28 No Seminar
10/5 Jeremy Van Horn-Morris The Casson invariant and its connections to gauge theory
10/12 No Seminar
10/19 No Seminar
10/26 Edgar Bering IV (Temple) A McCarthy-type theorem for linearly growing outer automorphisms of a free group
11/2 No Seminar
11/9 Jeremy Van Horn-Morris An introduction to Heegaard Floer homology
11/16 Neil Hoffman (OSU) Unifying unexpected lens space surgeries **NOTE** Fall Redbud Topology Conference 11/18 at OU
11/23 No Seminar: Thanksgiving Holiday
11/30 No Seminar
12/7 Renzo Cavalieri (CSU) Graph formulas for tautological classes **NOTE** joint seminar with Algebra

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