University of Arkansas

Topology Seminar Spring 2021

The seminar meets on Thursdays, at 9:00 AM on Zoom. Expository, educational and research talks are welcomed! Currently we have the following schedule. The titles link to abstracts. Other topology minded events are noted. For more information, questions or a link to the seminar, contact Matt Clay.

Date and Time Speaker Title
1/14 No Seminar: Organizational Meeting
1/21 No Seminar
1/28 Abdul Zalloum (Queens) Regularity of Morse geodesics and growth of stable subgroups (video)
2/4 Robert Kropholler (Muenster) Algebraic fibering for surface bundles (video)
2/11 Nickolas Castro Relative group trisections and 4-manifolds with boundary
2/18 No Seminar
2/25 Carolyn Abbott (Columbia) Random walks and quasiconvexity in acylindrically hyperbolic groups (video)
3/4 Claudio Llosa Isenrich (KIT) Kodaira fibrations and mapping class groups (video) **NOTE** Spring 2021 Redbud Topology Conference 3/6-7 hosted by OSU
3/11 Steve Trettle Life in curved space from magnifying glasses to general relativity (National Museum of Mathematics Math Encounters Presentation)
3/18 : 2:30 PM Steve Trettle (Stanford) Raymarching the Thurston Geometries: visual intuition for geometric topology in 3 dimensions (video)
3/25 No Seminar: Spring Break
4/1 Damian Osajda (Wrocław) Helly groups (video)
4/8 Jacob Russell (Rice) Searching for geometric finiteness using surface group extensions (video)
4/15 David Gay (Georgia) Diffeomorphisms of the 4–sphere, Cerf theory and Montesinos twins (video)
4/22 Chris Cashen (Vienna) Snowflakes, shortcuts, and asymptotic cones (video)
4/22 : 2:00 PM Peter Lambert-Cole (Georgia) The symplectic Thom conjecture (video)
4/29 Tara Brendle (Glasgow) The mapping class group of connect sums of S2 × S1 (video)

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