Redbud Topology Conference

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Date and Location: April 27−29, 2017, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

The Redbud Topology conference is a regional conference in topology and related areas, with participants from the University of Arkansas, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and elsewhere. The conference will run all day Friday and all morning on Saturday, ending by 1 PM. There will also be a session on Thursday afternoon as a warm-up for graduate students. There will be dinner outing on Friday evening.


Schedule: The full schedule and talk abstracts are here. A pdf of the schedule with some additional local information can be found here.

Register: We encourage participants to register so that we will have a head-count for the event. We expect to have some funds available to reimburse participant expenses. Priority will be given to registrations received prior to March 27.

Travel: Location, hotel and travel information can be found here.

Inclusiveness: The Redbud Topology Conference is supported by the University of Arkansas, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and the National Science Foundation. As scholars representing these institutions, we pay special attention to their firm commitments to equal opportunity and diversity. In order to uphold these ideals, we strive to make each Redbud Conference an inclusive event and will not tolerate discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), age, disability, genetic information or parental status. As part of this mission, the organizers are happy to provide details of local childcare options and lactation rooms for nursing mothers upon request.

Further information on the committment to inclusiveness held by each institution can be found here:

Sponsors: Participant support is generously provided by the NSF award DMS-1702102 and in part by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Arkansas.

Organizers: Matt Clay*, Matt Day*, Max Forester, Neil Hoffman, Yo'av Rieck*, Henry Segerman, Jing Tao.
(*local organizers)

Questions or comments? Please contact Matt Clay.

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